What we do

Who We Are?

We are a nonprofit organization, specializing in the control of Asian carps. 

Our goals are to restore the diversity and quantity of American native fish species in the rivers and to limit the number of Asian carps to a safe quota of fish.

Asian carps ocoee marriott jumping from the water at Barkley Dam (Courtesy of Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources) работа мск

What We Do

We have initiated and will continue to promote the following work


Recruit specialists to establish a professional team.


Conduct research on the natural predators of Asian carps. luxottica customer care lenscrafters We know a few species in Asia that prey on Asian carps, but we are still in search of работа мск the ones in the US.

eDNA Water Filtering (Courtesy of Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee)


Explore methods on genetic modification and sterilization of Asian carps.


Improve the current methods for capturing and killing of the Asian carps. One of its kind has been investigated for large-scale implementation.


Develop recipes for consuming Asian carps as food. We have investigated a few and made them ready for the market.

Bio-acoustic fish fence installation (Courtesy of Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee)


Initiate fund raising activities and fund promising projects.


Establish a strong partnership with the US federal and state governments to share information, optimize resources, and prioritize goals. The urgent need is to hold and reverse the accelerated imminence of Asian carps entering the Great Lakes by for example constructing an ecologically friendly barrier surrounding the Lakes within a few years. 

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